30ng Trainz

The Two and a Half Men


 Here you find all kinds of 30in creations.


(Includes: Bimbi Railway, Bimbi 2 Railway, Osprey Lake, The White Falls R.R., The Bear Creek & Southern, Dalton & Southern, Fross & Canyon Cut, Carolina and Western.)

Steam Locomotives: 

(Includes: Mallet+Coal Tender, Mallet (Weathered), L-25 Class, Forney, Weathered Forney,   4-Truck Shay, 3-Truck Shay, Abandoned Shay, W&PA Steam Locomotives, Climax, Climax (Dark), K-19 Class, T-15 Class, F&CC Mallet, F&CC 2-6-2 Prairie.)

Diesel Locomotives: 

(Includes: Petrol Tractor, Davenport, W&PA Davenport, F&CC Davenport, Whitcomb, End Cab Whitcomb, Cabless Whitcomb, R/C Whitcomb, Plymouth CR8-XT, Gas-Electric Boxcabs.) 



(Includes: Coming Soon!)


Rolling Stock: 

(Includes: Reefer, Stockcars, Snowplow, Steel Frame Flatcar, Skeleton Log Car (16ft), Skeleton Log Car (32ft), Skeleton Log Car (40ft), Pulpwood Car, Hoppers, Tankcars v2.5.)

 Modern Rolling Stock:

(Includes: Steel Boxcar, Bulkhead Flatcar, Black Gondola.) 



(Includes: Long Caboose, Caboose.)

Passenger Cars:

(Includes: Open Air Passenger Car, Open Air Passenger Car (No Roof), D&RGW Combine, D&RGW Coach.)

 Maintenance of Way Equipment:

(Includes: Rail & Tie Car, Ballast Car, Work Flatcar, Tankcar.) 


(Includes: Freight Trucks, Black Freight Trucks, Caboose Trucks, Modern Freight Trucks.)


(Includes: Coal Transfer, A-Frame Turntable with Roundhouse, 8-stall Roundhouse, Rails, Ties.)


(Includes: Rails, Bridges, Tunnels.)